Sunday Vignettes


Year 1989: Each Saturday evening, I returned from school, eager to have lots of fun. No school, no classes for one day. Extra-curricular activity was an alien subject then.

So, Sunday mornings would start with watching cartoons, relishing on favorite breakfast, made by Mom especially for Sunday, and playing with friends; afternoons were about taking a power nap listening to classic songs on radio; purpose would be to get refreshed for going out in the evening to play again.

After playing there would be late evening chat sessions, involving horror or adventure stories, etc. In those days, teachers would not bother to give homework to complete over the weekend. Sunday would end with storytelling by Grandma, after a delicious dinner. I used to doze off before Grandma would’ve finished the story.

Year 2004: Each Saturday evening, I returned home, threw myself into couch, eager to relax my mind from workplace stress…

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Alarm Clock & life

macro clockWhen I was a kid, out of the curiosity natural to the children of my age, I opened an old mechanical analogue (Chabiwala) alarm clock – the one that has mechanical springs & tiny metallic gears turning the hands of the clock. There was another gear that triggered an alarm at the preset hour in the morning. I was very fascinated with the way teeth of a gear propelled those of another, thus bringing the clock to life.

Our lives are like that alarm clock, I feel sometimes. Many people come in to make us tick. Barring a few, most of them are like the gears who drive the motion forward. Then there are a few who are like the Chabis (Wind-up Keys) – they charge us with a new energy. They are tuned perfectly with our needs. They know that you have been ticking-n-tocking for quite long, almost drained out of vigor. Here they come with a boost dose. You hate the idea of leaving your comfortable inertia at first. But eventually it feels like beginning a new life. The rust is gone. You love every passing moment as you slowly but steadily move in a natural rhythm. Seasons come and go. The chabi people turn the alarm bells into beautiful music of life.

One looks at the vibrant clock but is ungrateful of the various chabis that make the ticking possible! Hence, I want to thank all my friends & family who wound up the spring every time.

Sweaty Summer, Sweet Lemonade!


You know how it feels when you drink a glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. The heat doesn’t go anywhere, you feel sweaty outside; but at the same time, you feel so satisfied & relaxed inside.

Some people in our lives are like the lemonade. The worries & tensions are still around, the problems have still to be resolved by us only. While so, the presence of the lemonades makes every new day a lot more refreshing.

Why? You see, the taste we are talking about is a fantastic mix of sweet & sour. A little tangy too, if you like. Moreover, you never have a chance to repeat the taste of one serving with the another. All I want to say is that the fun lies in the inconsistency, or the variety – if you like the word better. The drink is so refreshing always!

Likewise, you feel reinvigorated when you’re in the company of the ‘lemonade people’ of your lives. I take this opportunity to thank all the lemonades in my life! my WP friends are also in this list.


The Magic of Creativity

Today, I am sharing the pics of the outstanding craftworks created by my wife and her three friends. All of them are homemakers; but they decided not to restrict their day to daily chores only. It’s true that there are inherent artists within all of us. These women have proved it in style.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a short informal interview to understand what they have gained / learned from this activity in last one year.

Q: Why did you choose to do this?

A: We used to buy decorative products for our homes; but the products didn’t meet our expectations several times. We thought why not try to create some crafts on our own; and the journey started. This is an interesting activity. Though there are limitations as compared to painting etc., it makes this even more challenging for our artistic abilities. This is something in which we engage ourselves with our heart and soul.

Q: Do you feel short of time for completing other daily activities?

A: As we all like artistic activities, we enjoy our time that we invest in these activities. Initially we struggled to balance the chores with the craft. Now we manage our time smoothly. In fact, now we know how much more can be accomplished in a given day. These activities give us the much needed change from the routine. It acts as a true recreation.

Q: Is this just a hobby or you consider this as a work?

A: This is more than just a hobby for us now. We handle entire process from raw materials procurement through craftwork creation to sales of finished products. Also we are adding more products in our range on continuous basis. We concentrate more on quality than on quantity. We have a customer focussed approach and like to create work that is nothing less than awesome 🙂

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have a long way to go as per the standards set out by us. We want to bring about novel ideas and to refine the quality of existing line of products. There are many good ideas in Indian handicrafts that we are yet to explore. In future, we also wish to involve in eco-friendly craft ideas. Above all, we want to contribute in every possible way to see that other women artists also get a platform through our ventures.IMG-20160825-WA0007


What children can teach us?

Children can teach us that what we don’t find in most of the books.

My sweet, 7-year-old daughter, Mrunal is enjoying her summer holidays right now. This incident happened on last Saturday. Mrunal was playing with her dolls and toys in the drawing-room. She heard the sound of food processor and came running in the kitchen. I was having some chat with my wife while she kneaded the dough for making chapatis (Indian bread).

Mrunal stayed there until my wife finished rolling first chapati. She knew that now her Mom would put the chapati for cooking on a frying pan. As soon as the chapati started swelling, my little angel jumped up and down excitedly and insisted her mom to let the chapati swell as much as possible. Her giggles filled up the kitchen more and more as the chapati ballooned. Then my wife poked the chapati and steam flowed out with a hissing sound. This was the zenith of the ‘fun show’. The uninvited guest in the kitchen left merrily and resumed playing with her toys.

My wife and I were amused at Mrunal’s happiness at such a trivial thing; but this made us discuss how we allow many fun moments to go unnoticed in search of bigger elusive happiness. Also, we noted that she was detached as soon as the fun part was over. She did not hold onto it. This was another good lesson, I guess…

We could go on analyzing but then we too didn’t want to miss the fun in the lighter moments!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss