Sunrise, Theory of Relativity & We!


Sun is about to set here…
Headlights on, all are homebound!
Birds returning to their nests,
Content with whatever they found.

Mountains are so silent, sky-high,
Take a deep breath, let out a sigh
Can’t break the frame of illusion
As usual, prevails the confusion!

Einstein complicated the Time
Calling it the fourth dimension
Now I realize he was so right
Cause am aboard an imaginary flight

Changing Coordinates so fast
That Sunset can never last
It’s going to be Sunrise, forever,
Let’s join hands & do it together!

2013-03-31 06.36.32


Oh, My Dream Reader!


Date: April 23rd, 2016

Hello, My Dear Dream Reader!

Why are you called so? Answers shall follow.
For now, please keep reading…

First of all let me congratulate both of us for being a part of this Special edition of my book.
As mentioned on the cover, already a million copies have been sold out since its publication exactly an year back from now.

I prefer to make this Author’s note more interactive; hence I shall pose few questions to myself on behalf of you and try to answer them to the best of my ability –

Who are you?
Well, I am yet another human being full of errors, sustaining through life due to blessings of God & my parents, wholehearted support of my beloved wife, encouragement by my brothers and sisters in law, and love of my dear daughter and nieces.
One, who would die having lived a mediocre life, had I not been reminded by friends & family that I was underestimating my capacities.
Professionally, am a Mechanical Engineer but have struggled a lot before could realize that machines in general do not have emotions, except those in few Hollywood fantasies.

What made you write?
I’m not really very sure…but it was an inner calling. I only remember that I was desperate to share how good I felt when I came out of a crisis due to reading some fantastic books I came across and by following its content, when I published the first quote in my first blog.
Back then, I was reading a masterpiece by Napoleon Hill. I just acted in response to my soul’s voice, as advised by Hill.

What to expect from this book?
This is a story of human life with most of the vices & virtues in one form or the other. This is a tale about gain as well as loss. More than anything else, it is about victory of heart over mind! You can relate this well with day to day life as I feel there is nothing higher than human emotions in any age of existence! Probably that is why we enjoy Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book even today in any age group!

Why a book?
As far as I believe, reading involves good amount of effort. So, whatever you take away after reading is something that you have Earnt for yourself. Everytime you read a crafty work by a good author, you find out new inferences. Take an example of Life of Pi and decide for yourself.

What is so Special about this edition and why am I a Dream Reader?
Only one reason I guess I can give is that this Author’s note, exclusively attached to this edition, was written in realtime on April 23rd, Year 2014.

Do you believe in miracles?
You are the best judge by now. I can only say that Jules Verne might have been sure about his fiction works that the concepts may not be called fantasies in the years to come…

Did you forget to thank someone else also in the answer to Q1?
Yes, indeed. In the course of our discussions, I scolded myself to have forgotten that I owe a lot to the WordPress Team and my fellow blogging community… Without their support it wouldn’t have been possible. The access granted by my fellow bloggers to me in their creative world is worth a treasure, for sure!

Hope this book adds joy to your life…
I have tried to cover the subjects at the top of my mind. I will be happy to answer if you have any more questions though, if you can put them in the comments section of my blog –

Let’s Do It Together…

Day Two: Say Your Name

Purple Orchid

Why do Iluvorchid? (Patience please… know, there is a grammatical mistake, Oh you, ever-prompt-to-correct-me, my dear ‘Spell Checker’!)

So, today I have to answer why my blog title reads as ‘Iluvorchid‘ –

The reason is simple and it is that I do love Orchids really!

…and my [Google & Wiki based 🙂 ] research tells me about Orchid family that along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species, found in 880 genera.

Why bring Botany in this discussion?

The significance of above info for me is that there should be lot of people on this planet who also have Orchids on their favorite list! And that Search engines may help me get more hits at my blog… 😉

Romantic Angle: In my first date with my darling wife, I called her as Orchid and she blushed ever so beautifully that I wished those moments should last forever! My feelings could not be articulated more aptly than a beautiful poem by Michael David Coffey that goes as:

‘In my mind

You are a purple orchid

Exotic, tender, passionate

and wild

Untouchable, fragrant

bloom of dark desires

Evoking my deepest thoughts

Lost in the dreamy wonder

of an eastern forest

You are there among

the whispering glades

Of soft green bamboo

Delicately embracing

the moist

warm air of night

A lover of another world

Of fantasies ethereal,

yet profoundly real

Earthy, yet ether’s child

My chocolate sweetness

in distant lands

A darkened flower of

refined passion

My purple orchid’

Now, about my tagline – Let’s do it together…

Unity in Diversity

I can hardly imagine if I could achieve whatever I could, if my friends and family were not together with me.

I started recently with my blogging journey, and it was only due to confidence shown by my family in my abilities and assurance that they will be there to always help me improve on continuous basis.

I continued to post for the second time as I got few really encouraging feedbacks from friends and few talented fellow bloggers.

The wordpress team organized the zerotohero challenge that I guess is helping me to refine my writing with every passing day.

All in all, this blog is alive only because all of you are together with me.

Here, I would like to mention about one fantastic corporate team building exercise I was fortunate to be part of –

The challenge posed by our mentor included an inflated balloon and a pin handed over to each of the 20 participants.

The task was to save one’s balloon for a period of 30 seconds… The mentor also declared an additional bonus for the survivor, ours being a closely held team… or at least that’s what our joining forms claimed we were…

The mentor shouted at high pitch to create excitement in the group, “1 – 2 – 3, Start!”

…and within less than 20 seconds, almost all balloons had been busted…

Everyone was feeling confused as to how this exercise may have helped us to learn about team building.

The mentor observed about the exercise in his closing address as follows, “Dear fellows, the outcome of this exercise is not a surprise to me at all as it has been the case with majority of the teams that I have coached so far. The fun part is that majority of people fail to understand the task itself. You were asked to save your own balloon but there were no prize for bursting others’…”

So, basically it all boils down to the definition of TEAM by someone cleverer than me as –

Together Everyone Accomplishes More… it’s all about collaboration and not about competition!

This is what I truly believe, and so do feel the tagline ‘Let’s do it together’ is worth being a Welcome note for my Guests!

“who I am and why I’m here”


Basically these are the questions that I posed to myself a few days back! I am thankful to have got a chance to share my version!

I’m an Introvert person as such and take a while before I befriend anybody; Sometimes, I feel that it would not be fair on my part to let the music die within me, assuming that there are people who may enjoy it and the stress in whose lives might be alleviated a bit listening to it!

I love to make few but very close friendships and am nice, as a part of society at large! 🙂

All said and done, I had not imagined in wildest of my dreams, till very recently, that I would ever write something so very publicly. Even more, that somebody would like it, too!

In past few months, lots of things have changed in life, including me. There has been a lot of turmoil concerning health, career and expectations from life as a whole… I am fortunate to have the most understanding family who helped me survive through the high tide!

All through the gloomy days, I read a lot of self help books (like The Leader Who Had No Title), listened to motivational audio books and watched movies like The Secret. Also read books like Who Moved My Cheese that helped to develop a different frame of reference. Those rich resources of knowledge acted as lighthouses for me!

I always desperately felt the need to share whatever lessons I had learnt from such sources of nectar and from the sweet-bitter experiences in my life with people going through similar suffering as like mine; but I was not willing to force it upon anybody due to my nature.

Since childhood, I have been told by friends & family that I’m bearable as far as written expression of emotions go; hence I was contemplating on getting myself enrolled in some creative writing workshop to start with. When I hit the search button on Google, I came across some very informative sites on this topic. That’s when I found info about WordPress and felt it to be a promising choice.

Here I am today, with few, not-so-clever but sincere attempts at writing or sharing! (Web address: Hope to improve when we do it together… and hence the tagline!

More importantly, I am happy to be in the company of people from across the world with diverse perspectives towards life. 

Also, as a bonus, I have got an access to wonderfully written stuff here, so as to satiate my hunger for reading, too!

I plan to, share about the learning from life, talk about few fantastic books (or audio-visuals) on Self help, mention about my brief trysts with Nature, comment on enlightening posts of fellow blogger. If this is not enough, probably you may find me sharing about my cookery adventures and DIYs!

To conclude for now, wish to reiterate to myself that I would not face the ‘The 10 Human Regrets’ mentioned in above referred book by Robin Sharma. The last one being so significant, I want to mention it here. It goes as –

You reach your last day and discover you could have been a leader and left this world so much better than you found it. But you refused to accept that mission because you were just too scared. And so you failed. And wasted a life.