Enjoy the path!


Image   When someone nurtures a Plant, the real fun is not when it blossoms…. but it’s in the journey enjoyed with it ‘from being a seed or a sapling to the stage till it grows into a beautifully blooming masterpiece!

You water & fertilize the plant, ensure that it gets just enough sunlight; remove weeds, etc. to let it flourish nicely. You ask for help from neighbors to care for it when you are going to be away even for a while. All this and many other things make your experience richer. Every activity is pure joy while you help the plant to survive all the challenges of nature.

If this is true then why can’t we apply same logic to life as a whole! Average middle class individual goes through routine education system always looking at the ultimate aim of bagging an attractively paying job; and in reality finds at the bottom of his heart that there is still something that’s missed out even when such job is at hand.

Similar thing happens even while being in a job; one keeps on stretching hard, sacrificing personal life at few instances hoping for some sort of encouraging recognition at the end of the year and feels like cheated by the management when he or she comes to know about the appraisal results.

What really is missed out here is the tendency to enjoy the travel….

In my personal experience, I used to curse long traveling hours, due to location of manufacturing industry being generally in the outskirts of the city. The moment I decided to make real use of this opportunity I was relieved of all the frustration.

I began utilizing journey hours to read ebook in my smart phone. The issue was that the small screen would strain my eyes (I use glasses too). So after finishing one good ebook (TLWHNT) by Robin Sharma that compelled me to read till end, I stopped reading during travel.

Once, while in talks with my colleagues, someone asked if there were audio-books available online…. I started a research on this and accidentally came across an android application that is capable of converting Text to speech. I discovered that same is pre-installed in my phone. With little efforts, I found my ebook being read in reasonable voice tone & quality.

So, now I had a solution with which any ebook of my liking would become an audio-book via TTS using earphones with media player kind of features. My travel time is completely put to use. Bingo!

My point here is that there are always means to make one’s travel as much interesting as ultimate destination! Hope sharing this experience gives some insights to remain happier during tour of life to reach wherever one wishes to!


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