Parenting & Moral Story

Mrunal   This is an incidence relevant to a thought shared by Respected Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji about  parenting.

His message goes like this – as a sensible parent, one should observe and learn about pure life principles from innocent acts of a child instead of constantly trying to mould them into stereotypes.

Now about the incidence:
Being a Saturday, I had the privilege to drop my daughter, Mrunal, to school.
Both, Mom & Dad (a proud me) were happily engaged in preaching the importance of good habits to Mrunal.
To walk our talk, I avoided wrong side, drove additional half a kilometer, took a U turn & after 100 mtrs, reached the school lane where we had to take a left. And, now, we encountered another four wheeler that was coming towards us from wrong side of the road. (In India, left side of the road is the right one! FYIP). It could possibly result into a bumper to bumper friendly meet had we not been driving at slow speeds.
Both vehicles exchanged glares & few interesting words. After this, the other vehicle pulled back a little and we passed it & proceeded towards school. Triumph and Pride! Offcourse, it was well deserved.

Real winner was yet to emerge, though. Mrunal exclaimed excitedly – Papa, Two Silly Goats. She repeated thrice before we could understand her true comprehension @ moral story taught in her LKG class.
Both of her parents were awestruck at the simplicity with which she applied her newly found knowledge.
I pondered a little and recalled what Guruji had mentioned.

We took an oath to learn atleast one real life truth a month by observing our little one!
Wish you happy sharing!


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