The Three and a half blessings of life….

OK, now why Three and a Half? Well probably because I am an Indian! This is considered to be a sacred number referring to auspicious dates (Muhurtas) in Indian Mythology.
Well, I also feel these three & half blessings may encompass it all, for human existence! Your views are requested, though!
Fine, enough prologue, I guess!
Coming to the point, I propose following as part of my list –

The Family: The parents who raise us taking all sorts of pains, the spouse who stands by us in thick and thin, the children who let us savor the joy of parenting and the siblings who happen to be our best friends. Above list also includes extended family members as they may fit in respective age groups. The close friends also fall under this group only, I guess.

The Avatars: Almost everyone is aware of James Cameroon’s Avatar. Also one may refer to Avatar in Indian mythology which means a deliberate descent of a deity on earth (ref:wikipedia). Those are the new friends, distant relatives, or complete strangers (aliens, if I may say so), comets entering into the orbit of your tiny planet of personal experience, in kind of predestined ways. Why I call them Avatar is that they help / support you selflessly to save your planet and disappear! you can hardly figure out the reason how and why they appeared.

The Artists: The magic of being human lies mostly, in my opinion, in the manifestation of Art! May it be Acting, Music, Dance, Literature, Painting or any other kind of creative expression! Those are the people without whose existence, I can not imagine any human being could ever exist and enjoy true pleasures of the precious gift of life!

The Half – I, you or we (as you like): Now, we know that being human, we possess virtues like Love, compassion, forgiveness, constructive creativity, kindness, so on and so forth. But at the same time, if one desires, same person is capable to hate, be vengeful, or be destructive, etc. I guess we are always in the struggle to see that the balance shifts to the virtues. We all want to beat vices. So, we are also a blessing to ourselves but I count as half for given reasons!

Hope to learn from all of you on this topic. So, request for your insights.

Let’s do it together!


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