When Will I Be Loved?

It is aptly written by some great philosopher that if you desire somebody else to love you, you need to love yourself first!

And how do you do that?

First of all, as said by many others earlier too, kindly accept yourself as you are and be happy about the way God has customized your persona.

Photo0023 (Courtesy:Disney)


Believe strongly that only you have something in you that probably the most accomplished person on this planet doesn’t possess and see for opportunities to discover it! Please take a look at image above; you will agree that each one of us throughout the world has his or her own favorite out of this group and not everyone likes only Mickey or Donald!

Second and most important, while you are so special, never forget to be able to laugh at yourself! So, no ego stuff here if you expect somebody to like you. The person you wish to befriend has got his or her own mountain of concerns and may hardly find enough time to flatter your ego. And time is a scarce commodity in today’s age, I guess.

Finally if you are truly curious about making friends, I have my favorite one here.

Please create an additional space in so called congested life of yours for their emotional needs! Before I enter someone’s personal sphere, I need to welcome them into mine first, for sure.

Friends forever! (Courtesy: My daughter & her friends)

Wish you many enduring and endearing friendships!


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