Day Two: Say Your Name

Purple Orchid

Why do Iluvorchid? (Patience please… know, there is a grammatical mistake, Oh you, ever-prompt-to-correct-me, my dear ‘Spell Checker’!)

So, today I have to answer why my blog title reads as ‘Iluvorchid‘ –

The reason is simple and it is that I do love Orchids really!

…and my [Google & Wiki based 🙂 ] research tells me about Orchid family that along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species, found in 880 genera.

Why bring Botany in this discussion?

The significance of above info for me is that there should be lot of people on this planet who also have Orchids on their favorite list! And that Search engines may help me get more hits at my blog… 😉

Romantic Angle: In my first date with my darling wife, I called her as Orchid and she blushed ever so beautifully that I wished those moments should last forever! My feelings could not be articulated more aptly than a beautiful poem by Michael David Coffey that goes as:

‘In my mind

You are a purple orchid

Exotic, tender, passionate

and wild

Untouchable, fragrant

bloom of dark desires

Evoking my deepest thoughts

Lost in the dreamy wonder

of an eastern forest

You are there among

the whispering glades

Of soft green bamboo

Delicately embracing

the moist

warm air of night

A lover of another world

Of fantasies ethereal,

yet profoundly real

Earthy, yet ether’s child

My chocolate sweetness

in distant lands

A darkened flower of

refined passion

My purple orchid’

Now, about my tagline – Let’s do it together…

Unity in Diversity

I can hardly imagine if I could achieve whatever I could, if my friends and family were not together with me.

I started recently with my blogging journey, and it was only due to confidence shown by my family in my abilities and assurance that they will be there to always help me improve on continuous basis.

I continued to post for the second time as I got few really encouraging feedbacks from friends and few talented fellow bloggers.

The wordpress team organized the zerotohero challenge that I guess is helping me to refine my writing with every passing day.

All in all, this blog is alive only because all of you are together with me.

Here, I would like to mention about one fantastic corporate team building exercise I was fortunate to be part of –

The challenge posed by our mentor included an inflated balloon and a pin handed over to each of the 20 participants.

The task was to save one’s balloon for a period of 30 seconds… The mentor also declared an additional bonus for the survivor, ours being a closely held team… or at least that’s what our joining forms claimed we were…

The mentor shouted at high pitch to create excitement in the group, “1 – 2 – 3, Start!”

…and within less than 20 seconds, almost all balloons had been busted…

Everyone was feeling confused as to how this exercise may have helped us to learn about team building.

The mentor observed about the exercise in his closing address as follows, “Dear fellows, the outcome of this exercise is not a surprise to me at all as it has been the case with majority of the teams that I have coached so far. The fun part is that majority of people fail to understand the task itself. You were asked to save your own balloon but there were no prize for bursting others’…”

So, basically it all boils down to the definition of TEAM by someone cleverer than me as –

Together Everyone Accomplishes More… it’s all about collaboration and not about competition!

This is what I truly believe, and so do feel the tagline ‘Let’s do it together’ is worth being a Welcome note for my Guests!


5 thoughts on “Day Two: Say Your Name

  1. this is so sweet! i love orchids too. but i can’t seem to keep them alive! hopefully, i’ll learn a thing or two from you. one thing’s for sure, you seem to be a very kind person. and i love what you said about collaboration and not competition. this is great!

  2. Ajaytao2010

    Nice reading about you
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. Hi, i’m glad you visited at my blog and liked it!
      Just would like to share that my mom has been undergoing treatment related to breast cancer since 2011. She is already past 6 chemo sittings (4 before Lumpectomy and 2 post surgery) and radiation course for a month. I saw her passing through physical pain and side effects like loss of hair and all. But psychologically, she has been very tough all along. Incidentally, this Friday only we saw her physiotherapist, as Mom is now suffering with Lymphedema (you might be aware of it; her right arm is swollen till tips of the fingers). She complains of having intense pain and we are trying to figure out exercise plan for her. Hope you can guide me about good online resources on this topic.
      I understood your point well about opening up and that too, now. I shall thrive to improve upon this aspect of my nature. Thanks for your words! Appreciate it!
      Wish you good health! thanks again!

      1. Ajaytao2010

        Okay dear I will look into that but I need some more info dear I will try to help you as I am also a layman but I will find something for mom 🙂

        Thank you and be in touch dear 🙂

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