Oh, My Dream Reader!


Date: April 23rd, 2016

Hello, My Dear Dream Reader!

Why are you called so? Answers shall follow.
For now, please keep reading…

First of all let me congratulate both of us for being a part of this Special edition of my book.
As mentioned on the cover, already a million copies have been sold out since its publication exactly an year back from now.

I prefer to make this Author’s note more interactive; hence I shall pose few questions to myself on behalf of you and try to answer them to the best of my ability –

Who are you?
Well, I am yet another human being full of errors, sustaining through life due to blessings of God & my parents, wholehearted support of my beloved wife, encouragement by my brothers and sisters in law, and love of my dear daughter and nieces.
One, who would die having lived a mediocre life, had I not been reminded by friends & family that I was underestimating my capacities.
Professionally, am a Mechanical Engineer but have struggled a lot before could realize that machines in general do not have emotions, except those in few Hollywood fantasies.

What made you write?
I’m not really very sure…but it was an inner calling. I only remember that I was desperate to share how good I felt when I came out of a crisis due to reading some fantastic books I came across and by following its content, when I published the first quote in my first blog.
Back then, I was reading a masterpiece by Napoleon Hill. I just acted in response to my soul’s voice, as advised by Hill.

What to expect from this book?
This is a story of human life with most of the vices & virtues in one form or the other. This is a tale about gain as well as loss. More than anything else, it is about victory of heart over mind! You can relate this well with day to day life as I feel there is nothing higher than human emotions in any age of existence! Probably that is why we enjoy Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book even today in any age group!

Why a book?
As far as I believe, reading involves good amount of effort. So, whatever you take away after reading is something that you have Earnt for yourself. Everytime you read a crafty work by a good author, you find out new inferences. Take an example of Life of Pi and decide for yourself.

What is so Special about this edition and why am I a Dream Reader?
Only one reason I guess I can give is that this Author’s note, exclusively attached to this edition, was written in realtime on April 23rd, Year 2014.

Do you believe in miracles?
You are the best judge by now. I can only say that Jules Verne might have been sure about his fiction works that the concepts may not be called fantasies in the years to come…

Did you forget to thank someone else also in the answer to Q1?
Yes, indeed. In the course of our discussions, I scolded myself to have forgotten that I owe a lot to the WordPress Team and my fellow blogging community… Without their support it wouldn’t have been possible. The access granted by my fellow bloggers to me in their creative world is worth a treasure, for sure!

Hope this book adds joy to your life…
I have tried to cover the subjects at the top of my mind. I will be happy to answer if you have any more questions though, if you can put them in the comments section of my blog – ydandgavhal.wordpress.com

Let’s Do It Together…


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