Rings of Fire – D.P.

It was a Sunny Sunday when we met
After a long time,
in a family get together
Seven years have passed since,
Time has floated like a feather!

She looked at me & smiled…
I felt a moist affection in her eyes!
Of course, she was my childhood friend
And true friendship has no expiry neither an end!

My friend had grown so beautiful
Couldn’t fathom reason for her joy
In company of a person like me who is
Such a dumb and so coy…

She served me with a Hot cup of Tea,
And a dish of Spicy Samosas…
There were some giggles while I hesitated,
Mum was so happy for what was fated.

Slowly my mind assessed the situation
It was a family Date with my friend
I asked her if she would help me
To discuss a bit and comprehend…

“You are so bubbly and full of joy,
I’m so introvert and so much shy”
Her reply was short and very terse,
She took out a Mickey from her purse…

“You gave me this when we met last
And wanted me to have fun & smile,
Although You can’t express, I know,
You cared for me every now & while!”

“Yes, I like you & adore the zeal,
But are we a match for sure n real?”

“Dear, I know I love you and
You would be nice and shall try
To ensure my happiness &
The stream of my faith will
Never dry…
You shall love me someday
Our wedding shall be a bliss”
And she gave me a tender kiss!

Today, when I look back, I agree
How much she was right,
Those what I had thought of
As Rings of Fire,
Are such a blessing that
We have come a long way together
Defeating all gravities
Flying with Wings of Fire!

Image courtesy: http://www.lorraineefune.com


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