I am your Mother, too!

When I decided to thank my mother in a special way on this Mother’s day, I knew that this post can be the only way I could do it; I shall request my elder brother to read this out to her as she is staying at his place as of now…

This is an old incidence from my secondary school days!

I was part of a special class run by the school apart from regular curriculum, for preparation of State Scholarship exam conducted for 7th Standard students. I used to consistently attend the lectures in the evening and would toil hard so as to be a better performer.

Then came the time when I had to submit an application after availing parent’s consent to appear. My mother told me that I was losing concentration from the studies of Board examination and probably I would have to drop scholarship exam. In any case, I had to get good grades in Board exam so as to secure admission into another good school because my existing school was till 7th std. only then.

For the next two days I remained absent from the special classes. On the Third day, our Headmistress visited my classroom during morning session and inquired about my attendance in regular classes. She approached me and asked why I had not been attending scholarship exam prep class.

When I told her about the reason, she put her hand on my head and said very gently, ‘Dear, your form is already submitted before due date along with the fees etc., and I have signed as your guardian. I know about your caliber and am sure that you shall shine in both exams. I am not your biological mother, but all you students are as close to my heart as my own children!’

My eyes softened and lips started to shiver. She said firmly, ‘Hey, young boy, men never look good while they cry. You better prepare and raise the flag of our school in the board as well as the scholarship exam’. When I shared the incidence with my mom after returning to home, she did not challenge; she honored my teacher’s decision…

Yes! I secured ranks both in the State level scholarship exam and the Board exam as well… I am sure my great teacher must have shaded a tear or two in happiness for my success! After all, her belief had come true!

I had to join a new school the very next year. When I visited my old school after a few years, I was so much lost in nostalgia that I could not utter a single word when I met my great teacher. I just touched her feet and sought her blessings that, I know, are always with all her students, forever!

You see, my mother has always cared for me and ever dreamed big for my future! In this instance though, she did not want her son to get hurt while stretching hard. Probably, it was the turn of my school teacher to play the role of my mother in a stronger way, to let me try the strength of my wings… Someday I would need to fly by myself, right?

I want to thank all mothers including mine on this Mother’s Day! I, nobody for that sake, can pay off the debt of your love, but probably we can reassure today, to live your dreams, as that’s what we know, will alone make you happy!

For me, Mother is a Sweet Reservoir of Love that never dries…



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