Honey, I still love you!


Ameya: I understand, Megha, I know… Your Grandpa was as much close to my heart as yours… but we have to move on. It’s been around a month now. Dear… whole life is lying ahead of us. Let me concentrate on my work. You also look after the chores as well. We have to get mourning over some day.

Megha: But Amu, he was everything for me after unfortunate death of Mom & Dad. I can’t imagine what would have happened to my life had he not been there to look after. You know it well, Dear!

Ameya: OK. Enough now… I have a meeting in an hour. I need to reach in time and also prepare for it. So, am leaving now. Call you once I am free between meetings…

Megha: Amu, I… fine… you proceed… love you, take care!


Megha: Amu, how was your day today? I kept on waiting for your call whole day. I understand, though, you might have been busy all through… I should learn to look after myself, yes, sure…

Ameya: Oh, come on Megha… you know how much stress I face in office nowadays. I just missed to call you, I agree. You understand, right?

Megha: Yeah, right! Let’s have dinner. I shall serve the dishes now.

Ameya: No, Megha, I have had my dinner. Kind of long day today and have an early morning teleconference tomorrow; you carry on with the dinner, I may get half an hour additional sleep! I need good sleep.

Megha: (to herself) Amu, dear, you didn’t even ask whether I’ve had my lunch. I don’t even feel like having the dinner. But, no, if I fall sick due to not having enough food you will need to take me to clinic and maybe you will lose some important business. Ok, let me eat something to keep my body alive and so as to not become a hurdle in your ambitious career…


A note posted on refrigerator by Ameya for Megha on next day morning:

‘Dear Megha, Good morning; yesterday I could not call you throughout the day; I’m sure you skipped your lunch. I knew, though, you would have the dinner, at least for my sake… As told you y’day, I need to catch up early today for meeting. Good day, my love! – Ameya’

Megha: Oh, he remembers… he cares! Probably he may mention in the note tomorrow that he knew that I did not sleep all night yesterday. Amu, I need someone to speak with… I need someone to lend a listening ear to hear me… I promise, I won’t talk about Grandpa. Does that mean, you won’t even notice my tears!


After a few more days:

Megha: Amu may not like it, but then Amu is not ready to spare time for me at all. Amu is always skeptical that I may start to pour my grief out again.

If I speak to HIM, I guess my heart will probably not explode… in any case; I am just going to talk about Grandpa. HE knows what Grandpa meant for me. When I spoke to him briefly y’day, how very light I felt. HE was so compassionate and empathetic!

Ameya: Good Afternoon, Megha, how are you doing today? I am tied up as usual! I just had lunch along with an important client. You had lunch, right? You know, I can’t afford any unplanned leaves… Ok, you sound good. I think you have come out of the trauma now. Well… bye for now. Maybe, shall get late in the night! You please have your dinner and go to sleep in time. Take care!

Ameya: (Furious) why did you need to talk to somebody else? I am still alive, for God’s sake!

Megha: Did you have time for me?

Ameya: For what? Sobbing like you and for consoling you? Try to understand, I have the responsibility to look after a family… how do you think we can pay off the EMIs for this house, car and pay the bills?

Megha: Do you mean Family as in you and me? Without a friendly word ever over a family lunch or dinner; not even breakfast for that sake; and conversations through notes and tele-conversations?

Ameya: Is that an excuse for betraying me? You know, I hate if you hide even a surprise gift from me! I do not have anything that is hidden or anything that’s about me and not shared with you?

Megha: In fact, you don’t have anything, hidden or not, to share with me… I would have gone MAD! Grandpa was my best friend ever and nobody can replace him; neither can anybody take your place in my heart! But Amu, do you care? Today, I am so much composed and all, but then, I was so vulnerable! If HE wasn’t a gentleman, I wouldn’t be here to argue with you…

…HE told me, I have to wait… till you are through with your sailing thrills; you would need some rest one day; then you shall return to the shores… I should be there, to let you know that someone is there, who cares for you. No matter, if you go deep into the ocean again, you shall always have it back of the mind that your Megha is looking forward to meet you again!

Ameya: but, but… (Collapses down) Megha… oh dear, you waited for me; I took you for granted. I was afraid this time, though… hence this anger and all. You know, how much I love you, right? I… I killed our love a numerous times running behind success… I did not play my role of your buddy when you needed me the most!

Megha: (supporting Ameya to get up from ground) yes, you weren’t there. You were there, still… it’s a relation that you chose for me and I chose for you! So what if you let me fall free in my despair, my love, it’s my Right to be right here for you…

‘cause, Honey, I still love you!


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