Once, a child was observing a sparrow curiously.

The sparrow picked up a worm in her tiny beak and reached at the tree-top to feed her young ones waiting for her in the nest. Sweet chirping filled the air soon!

The child went to his mother and asked, “Mom, what do the chicks do all day sitting in the nest?”

The answer by the mother was singular, “Hope!”

 ‘That mother shall bring home some food…

Regardless whether they are bad or good!

That they will also use their wings one day

To explore the sky and find their own way!’

“But, why should they hope to leave her?” the child inquired.

“That’s because, she hopes so!” Mother said, “She knows, no matter how many, but her days are counted; and that the chicks should grow up some day and learn to look after themselves well. The world is all about being resourceful. The chicks can’t always be dependent on her. Even if it means she will be alone, she covets that what is good for them!”

“What does she do when they go away from her?” the child persisted.

Mother fought back her tears and said with courage, “She hopes, that someday, the chicks (grown up by now) would recall the warmth of the nest built by their Mom & Dad. The place where she dreamt about their grand flights! And where she still tends the soft bed in the cradle, for them to relax, hoping that time turns back! She remains alive only with a gift conferred by God on all beings, and that is,



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