I’ve an Ambition…

And that is, ‘Not to be Ambitious!’ I fell in that trap so very often in the past,too. Many of you might be saying, “Oh, yet another mediocre, trying to claim as if he has got any other choice!”

You see, I always have been advocating about enjoying the path. Still, many a times, the destinations seem to be so attractive, I tend to spoil the fun during the drive!

The Nature never tries to expedite as in expedite that we know… What I need to learn is to have Faith in the pace that’s designed for me. I don’t mean to say that you let the life drive you; but then, we are all part of a grand plot scripted by the ‘A‘!

I shall try to exemplify… I have suffered a writer’s block for past two days! What bothers me is that I could not quite appreciate anything else all through this time… I wish, I had been a little considerate with myself. I should have confronted with the fact that I do lot many other things in life besides writing!

Perhaps, it had to do with your good fortune that you were not to get bored with my writing ventures 🙂

Well, that reminds me that as soon as I touch publish tab, I would get an instant notification about having achieved my posting goal for this week.

So, there you go, no matter how far you tend to run away, your heart and mind have set up Ambitions from time to time, programmed to trigger those pop ups!
That flash – ‘Get up, you have to reach there!’


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