Nature, My Guide!

Grandeur of Nature helps us to stay humble…

Hence, whenever ego starts to replace self-esteem, it’s better to get close to the nature.

It amazes me when I think about the great lessons that we can learn from Nature like –

The Ocean teaches us how to remain within boundaries, despite having the potential to cross.

The Sun lets us know how everything that rises has to face a time when it sets to rise again!

The River keeps on flowing for the good of all beings though it means losing her identity into the Ocean.

The Mountain reminds us that it’s freezing at the top as we lose the warmth of the company.

The Moon exemplifies how we can face heat ourselves but reflect soothing light to the others.

And the Jungle plays an important role when it tells us that there are moments for one to be quiet even when there are lots of voices within!


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