Living On the Edge!


‘Sometimes you feel, “This is too much. I can’t handle any more.” I tell you, you will never be given anything you cannot handle. The water will come up to the nose, but it will never go beyond.’

–        Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji

Has it been ever experienced by you? Have you ever thought that you couldn’t take it anymore?

As per wise words by Sri Sri Guruji, it’s going to be taken care of, just before we are about to surrender. It’s astonishing, but so true! As experienced personally by me, on several occasions…

Why does it have to happen in such a manner? The answer is, to test our resilience. Each time we surpass the earlier tolerance levels, we learn about our capacities anew. Moreover, we tend to outperform under pressure, at many instances. The one, who buckles, is naturally subjected to the elimination process. Hence, we feel like living on the edge every moment.

We look up to Heroic figures with Supernatural powers to live our dreams! While so, unknowingly we are training our minds to accept that all this is improbable stuff & no such deeds can ever be performed in reality… Even so, have you ever tried to understand how could you possibly solve an unbeatable riddle while you were left with the only option to retain hope blended with few positive actions?

This seems to be too idealistic to believe, right? I invite you to join me in an exercise here. For rest of the week we shall make a note of seemingly unbelievable events those are happening around us! Maybe you can mention about it in the comment section below or post about it on your blog or just keep it with yourself… what really matters is that we reinstate the childhood faith that there is nothing as such that is called as a Limit to human ability!

Let’s do it together…


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