As per the words of Heraclitus, ‘Change is the only thing that is constant!’ The same principle is advocated in one of my favorite books, ‘Who moved my cheese’, by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

Flexibility is a quality that’s either inborn or can be acquired through experiences of life! It may or may not impact you directly if you do not adopt but it affects the society as a whole.

In corporate world, everyone is becoming more conscious about developing ability of quickly embracing Change. When it is not possible to satisfy the hunger of corporate employees for vertical growth, industry is trying to compensate by providing opportunities in other functions facilitating lateral growth. Personnel, who are not willing for this Change, find themselves becoming redundant as time passes.

Change is certain and is becoming important in all faculties. Take an example of Sportsmen of current age. Earlier, Sport was like an art form, where individual abilities counted a lot! Today, the skill set includes qualities like, how you perform as a part of team, the interpersonal skills you have, and most importantly how you inspire fellow team members to be always on the pursuit of new strategies to win, for Change!

Technology is bridging the gaps like never before; there are mergers and acquisitions taking place across the globe. Time zones also don’t matter, be it business or life as a whole! In such a dynamic scenario, the sustenance is for only those who start looking for a New Cheese station noticing the symptomatic signs of Change in coming!


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