Rain – writing 101 – day one

Y’day we relished on ice candy called as ‘Barf ka gola’ . It was such a respite from the scorching heat of peak summer!


Today the weather has changed the colors completely. June generally brings along Rainy season in India. But it’s not till second week that the monsoon appears. Now, in this very moment, I’m enjoying the cool breeze & occasional drizzles relaxing in easy chair. The trees seem to be enjoying, too, swaying with signature summer music, a Koyal bird calling his partner in most romantic tone ever.
We welcome you, O Deity of monsoon, to quench the thirst of Mother Earth!
The thunders are so loud, still it’s so thrilling & exciting to know that the rain will arrive now! Lightnings in the darkness of skies are such a wonderful sight… I am fumbling for right words, to be honest.
We are at the threshold of writing 101. Simultaneously I am experiencing entry of my favorite rainy season too and I’m happy. Thank you for this assignment as I enjoyed expressing my emotions freely. The limited time & flood of many feelings in my heart  resulted in some kind of a Collage!


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