The Place – Writing 101 – Day 2

A life spent without a goal is a life wasted indeed!
My favorite place has something to do with most passionate years of my life.
I am referring to the time when I was going to appear for HSC exam (i.e. 10+2 level), roughly 15 years back…
The city named Latur used to be a relatively small town in our state (Maharashtra, India) then. The beauty was that even local vegetable retailers would know about names of top-notch institutes of Engineering or Medical science faculty. They would tell us, “Boys, if you study hard for these two years, your life in future will be much better than what you may have ever dreamt about!” We could feel the urge in their voice, the concern for our well-being… Who were they? We wouldn’t even remember them in future.

The place:
I used to stay in a two room apartment on sharing basis along with my classmate. The window of the room was facing to a 3000 sqft. garden. The landlord had also reserved some land in garden for fresh green vegetables. There were coconut and banana trees, too. And sometimes we were allowed to pluck the guavas from the garden; I couldn’t find that kind of sour & sweet taste in all these later years.
The landlord & landlady, both were persons of principles. Those two rooms occupied by me & my friend were reserved for Students only. The ambience was truly a blessing for studies with concentration! Both of them had strong belief that their tenants would always turn out to be meritorious students! We proved it to some extent…
Our apartment had two beds oriented in L shape, so that we friends could chat with comfort. There was a study table & chair in middle rectangle. Rest of the space was completely filled with books, notes, and… Books!
I could not afford to deviate my attention from studies while experiencing fierce competition & peer pressure from highly motivated classmates… So, if I got bored with Physics, I studied Maths or Chemistry and vice versa. Only on rare occasion, I would try to bust Stress, solving some mystery with Mr. Sherlock Holmes or so…
I can keep on scribbling on this subject; but to cut the story short, the place enabled my entry to a coveted Engineering institute and I have a satisfaction of adding value to the lives of other people today, applying the best training & knowledge that I was exposed to!
I have a faith that sincere efforts shall definitely pay some day in a big way… But I was, am & shall be grateful to The Place that taught me how to dream big and realize it with passionate actions sharing thin line boundary with craziness…


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