The Loss – #1 – writing 101 – Day 4

“Happy Birthday to you, may God bless you, happy birthday Dear Megha, Happy B’day to you!” Ameya was so happy for her. Megha silently appreciated the enthusiasm and jovial attitude of her husband. She blew off the lone candle on a cute Mickey shaped cake; cut a small piece and fed it to Ameya.

She had mixed emotions. There she was with the most caring & loving husband in the world celebrating the special day. Mustn’t she be happy? She recalled how she could not feel good about her short curly hair complemented well by her western outfit. She also had lost lot of weight during last one year. Wasn’t it an achievement in itself?

Her train of questions stumbled when Ameya called her for the dance in a makeshift ball-room created by him in the hall. “Come on Megha, cheer up!” She asked her inner voice to shut up & reminded, “It’s not only you who has lost. This man trying to cheer you up too has suffered a huge loss. The person who would never tolerate a single drop of tear from your eyes had to see you go through the painful chemos and let the radiations burn the flawless skin he adores so much. If this was less, God knows how he might have gathered the courage not to show any anxiety on face while wishing you good luck at the doors of O.T.
Megha, you have to dance to the rhythm of love today, for him!”

Ameya put one arm around her. She felt a subtle pat on her shoulder while their feet started to move gently with the music. When she looked into his eyes, she got an assurance that nothing had been lost…


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