The Three Songs – Writing 101 – Day Three

Zindagi ki yahi reet hai, haar ke baad hi jeet hai

Thode aansu hai thodi hasi, Aaj gam hai to kal hai khushi!

This song from a Hindi movie has changed my perspective about failure. The simple but profound message that it gives is this – In life, every Defeat is always followed by Victory. While there are moments of sorrow, there always shall be moments of joy, too. And even if you are in deep grief today, tomorrow will shine your way to happiness.

This is a Mantra that I always chant to stay motivated! This song has a backdrop of an orphanage on a day when more than 20-25 children are trying to go off to sleep without having any food for whole day. The children are reassuring their caretaker that he shouldn’t feel bad as the next morning may bring along joy to their lives. Whenever I listen to this song, I get shivers and I promise myself to never ever surrender to the circumstances.


Tu mile Dil khile aur jeene ko kya chahiye

Darling every breath you take. Every move you make

I will be there.

What will I do without you? I want to love you

Forever and ever and ever

This one is my favorite since my adolescent years. The tender love rendered in this song is what I am fortunate to share with my darling wife. I always feel that she spends every second of her life for me while I tend to be pragmatic on few instances. So, mention of this song here, is in honor of the shower of love & affection poured in life by my darling. Incidentally, this is a song that I sang to her over phone after we had decided to get engaged (she had patience and all good qualities to tolerate my singing :)).


If tomorrow never comes

So tell that someone that you love

Just what you’re thinking of

If tomorrow never comes

I was introduced to English songs by one of my colleagues at my first job while working as Graduate Engineering Trainee. Words are not enough to describe how much I love this song. Ronan Keating has sung it so nicely; I feel he has given complete justice to the lyrics. This song reminds me to never hold back whenever I feel like letting people know what their existence in my life means to me. I have experienced many times when I opened up with seemingly tough personalities that they are very compassionate at heart. It’s only about the little courage it takes to start the conversation. So as mentioned in the lyrics, I’ve also made a promise to always let my loved ones know that they make picture of my life complete.


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