The Note – Writing 101 – Day 5

The breeze was blowing past us at an unusually high pace. Few dry leaves were carried along, that’s when I caught hold of the note. I was going to throw it away; but something stopped me from doing so… Probably I was destined to be the chosen messenger!

The Note:

While I’m writing this, I am proudly relaxing in the balcony of my farm house in the middle of sprawling hillside land owned by me. My granddaughter wants me to write about a single wish that will satiate my thirst for success finally.

She will leave overseas tomorrow for studies for two years.

I thought about it for quite long; what I really wished was that she doesn’t go anywhere leaving me alone (?) Then I thought how my parents, spouse and children must have felt like all these years when I kept on running behind the dreams. How I wish…



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