The Latent Talent – writing 101 – Day 6

His laughter is bubbling with enthusiasm!
He musn’t be having any worries or anxities like the rest of us; but seems like he also has been going through tougher times in the job!

He never loses his composure. Come what may, he handles it with a peaceful mind like a Yogi! Perhaps, he has got no tensions in personal life. Don’t know for sure, but heard about some complications while his baby entered this world! Boss did talk about his frequent unplanned leaves lately for visits to Neonatal clinic…

We are having this dinner party; He is so witty, and turning the evening into a real fun! There doesn’t appear to be any burden of responsibilities on him. As far as I know, that’s not the case!

I asked him about the secret once. His answer was as follows –

I don’t ever react to a situation. My preference is to reflect upon the circumstances & act as if I were a baby who is in possesion of a new toy to play with.

Now, I found this as a brilliant piece of advice I could ever get. Welcome your views on what you think about it!


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