Give & Take – Day Seven – Writing 101

Equilibrium demands parity of two opposite forces which is a universal truth!

Necessity is mother of inventions, which make the life better and easier and lead to abundance and affluence. So dearth of resources was must for this change to happen. You see, how the balance works!

Basically, one has to always remember while exploiting that he or she owes to return in proportion.

Once, I was watching a movie related to hazing (termed as ragging in Indian peninsula) in educational institutes. I was moved by how the lives of not only actual sufferer but also of their friends and family are affected so badly. While few considered this practice an essential element of initiation of a student in college life, a large majority is against it.

Q: Why such practices and their followers do sustain?

A: Every new batch of juniors is accompanied by a new batch of to be seniors in the institute; and then there is this urge to give back what they have taken in the past. Now, while the then seniors might get a sense of satisfaction in doing so, they do not understand that this vicious cycle of give and take or vice a versa is going to be repeated year on year unless somebody decides to do away with it!

While I am strongly against such acts like hazing, it’s only possible to eradicate if we all tie hands together to stand firmly against it!

I wonder if the seniors can welcome the new entrants with a flower or choose to become the mentor or buddy to help the fresh aspirant to shape his academic and professional life in time to come. And whether this kind of give and take ritual can become an identity of the institutes in our region, in future…


Let’s do it together.


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