Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs


The park is lush green, as generally parks are! Perhaps a different shade, but still soothing to my eyes!

The sunshine is playing hide and seek under the cloudy sky. Pink, red and yellow hues of roses are decorating the panorama. Few Neem trees have created natural air conditioning shadow zones!

The chuckling of kids is filling the park with joy; balloons of various colors like violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, & red colors are complementing the rainbow. Moms & Dads have got energized after breathing fresh air and joined young ones playing badminton.

Few joggers are sweating out their fats; while few are toning up their bodies. Their faces are radiating confidence and satisfaction as they have honored commitment made to them to improve health and to inculcate good habits. Hope to see them tomorrow, too!

There is someone at a comparatively peaceful corner doing Yoga enjoying the serenity the park offers amid the positive vibes generated by happier spirits around.

And, there is my favorite group of uncles and aunties in sixties and above age group, I suppose.

‘Hahaha, Hehehe, Haha Ha Ha’, the laughter filled the ambience with much needed stress relief waves I am trying to drown into!


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