Writing 101, Day Ten: Happy, happy!

I used to be called as a Tomcat in my childhood days for my love for non vegetarian food!

The incidence I intend to discuss about took place when we had gone to a hill station. The picnic was planned during summer holidays. We roamed around the jungle in the day time enjoying the scenic beauty and experiencing the thrill of adventure!

When we returned to guest house, Uncle told us that the dinner menu consisted of special delicacies. The main dishes included delicious Indian recipes of Chicken! In honor of my special title, I was looking forward to the dinner more eagerly than rest of us!

All of a sudden, for some reason I started to suffer with stomach ache. Initially someone thought it to be a result of dehydration which was ruled by one of our cleverer brother who reminded that we were staying at a hill station 🙂 Then someone suggested that I might have got the muscles strained during hiking. So, the brainstorming went on for around half an hour. Some honest sisters hinted about acidity (or gases, perhaps – oh, I didn’t want to say it here!).

Ultimately, I was subjected to allopathy in the form of a tablet by one aunt and ayurveda in the form of a Tulsi kadha by the sister who is still a cultural enthusiast. Also, there was a genuine sacrifice by my brothers who shared one bottle of Soda that they wanted to blend with something else, probably!

I don’t know till date as to what medicine worked for me then. But happy ending was that the pain subsided slowly in an hour.

Now that I knew for sure about availability of necessary medicines, I relished on the mouthwatering food at last! I could see smiles on faces my family members when they were silently watching me completely engrossed in enjoying my meal. That night nobody slept. We lit a bonfire and sung merrily as everyone including Tomcat had had such a wonderful day and a memorable dinner 😛


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