Whenever I’m deeply hurt, I promise myself that I won’t expect anything from others.

For the next few days I continue to deliver to the best of my capabilities towards a particular cause, in reasonably detached manner. Slowly the feelings creep in; and again I crave for recognition from the beneficiaries. So on goes the struggle…

Is it impossible not to expect? NO.

Is it difficult? YES, absolutely.

While you are part of the society, irrespective of whether you expect or not, you definitely owe others. You can’t be selfish and run away from all the responsibilities. Only thing you have to learn is to serve the purpose you are here for and forget about it.

Ultimately it’s going to end into not asking even from the Supreme Provider! That’s when you find ultimate key to eternal joy. The Absolute Nirvana!


2 thoughts on “Expectations!

  1. expectation and letting go; purpose of service. i really appreciate this post. and i sense the vulnerability. it speaks to me of my constant learning. 🙂

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