Writing 101, Day Thirteen: The Loss (or Gain?) – #2

Her reflection in his eyes was very gorgeous! Or, perhaps the cheered up mood of Megha blossomed positive emotions in her mind.
She was happy as what she could find in his intense brown gaze was joy, of togetherness & about rediscovery of his love!

Auspicious tunes started playing again in Megha’s mind. She was lost in reminiscence. Her backward journey in time paused at the day of their Wedding; at the very moment; when they said, “Yes”, to take each other for good and bad, for the rest of the life.
For those few moments that she hoped to last till infinity, the silent dialogue of their eyes drowned out the crowd. There were virtually only two of them…

“Shall we go out for dinner?” Ameya asked. Megha was awakened from her voyage to past memories. Lot had happened in the past few years, better & worse. It was amazing though, how each event strengthened their bond!


Ameya was confused about her answer when Megha gave a sudden passionate hug to him and whispered, “Love you, Honey!”

Rose beauty


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