Writing 101 – Day 14 – The Arrival

Among the assignments tackled so far, I liked this one the most. It gave me freedom to choose my expression as well as it restricted the criterion to help save me time to spend on the content!

Google based ‘Research’:

  1. Movie: ‘The Arrival’ by David Twohy
  2. Graphic Novel: ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan

Though I found both quite intriguing, below post is inspired by the later one.


The Arrival

Dear Mom,

You were right; it depends on perspective. I thought that I’ve arrived when I completed my graduation. I was proved wrong when I encountered the struggle to bag a job. Then I was convinced about my arrival when I had this job, own house, a car, an understanding wife and a lovely daughter.

I know now, that too was an illusion…

I undertook this overseas assignment two months back, considering it as a value addition to my current role. It has been like joining a new firm altogether; I was surprised to see how the local culture affects even the way a multinational corporate operates.

You need not worry, as nothing is bad as such. Only fact is that it will take some time to get used to it.

On personal front, of course, Manu is as much enjoying her new friendships as she is missing the older ones. We do crave the sweets that you would prepare for festivals or on those special occasions.

While I know, you are alone there; I need to tell you this. I have felt your presence always. While I am the strength of the family over here, I find courage in the childhood stories of wisdom told by you.

When I narrate those stories out of a storybook, I find that there has always been a signature twist that you added. Even I try to do the same. Seriously, I yearn to become a toddler again wanting to take a quick nap listening to those stories in your lap.

Time is passing by very fast in running around the day-to-day tasks. Wify is busy handling chores & taking care of Manu. Wish it continues at the same pace, so that before we realize, we shall see the Arrival signage at the port back home!

Miss you, take care!



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