Get Set Go…


I was concerned when my wife proposed to enroll our 5-year-old daughter into a roller skating class. First thing that came to my mind was that she’s too young! But so are the other kids who have already completed beginner stage in the class. What if she falls down? Of course, that’s how I learnt to ride a bicycle in my childhood. Okay, fine! But this isn’t necessary as in ‘mandatory’. Perhaps it’s important still…

Well, I have been extra cautious all through my life not to get into any troublesome situation on my own. Given this attitude, I find myself taking a backseat when it comes to dealing with risky propositions. Despite knowing that there might be possibility of huge gains, I tend to opt for a conservative route.

Upon introspection, I felt, this is a chance to improve a little on the attitude part that my daughter has inherited.

She will definitely learn how to maintain Balance. More importantly, she will acquire the skill to know about her weaknesses, if any, and to apply her strengths to surpass those. Like, she will utilize her nimbleness to move ahead though her lower weight shall not aid so much in gaining momentum!

She won’t recognize all this the way I’m expressing here. My point is that such experiences will be registered in her subconscious mind and shall help her in future.

For now, she is just enjoying the fun as if she is floating in air. She is smiling, and so the new class is worth it!



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