Friends, here is the First Chapter of My eBook for your review!

The Garden of Orchids

1. The Cabbie

“Destination! How much relieved one feels after reaching at that place! That feeling of liberation, satisfaction of accomplishment, and confidence that you didn’t deviate from the path, no matter what amount of challenges were faced by you during the journey.

I need to speed up so that the commuter’s blood pressure doesn’t shoot up. Okay Mr. Greg, get ready for reaching to your destination!” – The Cabbie.

The Cabbie was a well-mannered person with positive attitude that made him a great choice to serve potential customers of the agency. The Cabbie liked his pure white uniform which had a tinge of blue. He had flawless track record without any customer complaints. His only condition was that he be given a list of clients who required service on any given day and that he would choose the ones that he would serve.

Though this was a little weird about the Cabbie, there was something more. Nobody knew exactly where he lived and little did anyone know about his family history. He neither discussed his past nor did he ask anyone about any personal matter. Occasionally he would help a colleague if he or she required money. But that was his only social behavior.

The Cabbie never accepted any favors from customers. He would simply wish them happy journey and a good time ahead! The customers would wonder about the inspiration that kept him leading the life in his own way. In fact few of them even felt curious at his simple but elegant approach to life.

The facts were different though. On the surface the water appeared to be still and calm. But there were many currents flowing underneath. The Cabbie was an enigmatic personality. As far as there was no harm to anyone, the people did not mind the mystery. The Cabbie certainly wasn’t an epitome of inner peace. Rather if one could get an access to his personal space, a constant conflict between his heart and mind could be sensed…


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