“I HAVE AN OBJECTION…” I said. There was a restlessness instantly and people from all corners of the auditorium wanted me to shut up…

How well has been the reception by the audience around you when they wanted to hear the ‘expert’ in the subject matter & you kind of interrupted the flow of ideas?

Most probable reaction is one of irritation. Well, a few may still be interested in how the expert shoots strong arguments at you & defeats a novice! Very few may be curious.

I would like to discuss two aspects with you here:

A. Is it really just to blindly follow someone’s opinions for the only reason that he or she has tasted success in the given field?

B. Can’t a novice question the existing concepts even though he or she may be in a position to observe from a different vantage point?

I request your views so that we can explore this together…

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein.


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