An Extempore – Why shouldn’t I?

I want to share what I feel. Not because I know a lot. Not because I never made mistakes. But because I learned something from not knowing, from doing mistakes.
I want that others should not fall prey to those traps. Experience is a great teacher. Maybe I shouldn’t restrict you from getting the  lessons that life has to offer.
Maybe, I can serve as a contrast to help you know how to live or probably how not to live.
I read a few good books that gave me some thoughts to ponder on. While I interpret those insights, why not share those with you; maybe together we dive into the depths in a better way. A group study, if you will!
The thoughts are presented here as they came up to my mind, or emerged from ripples in my heart. I don’t really know if those are coherent or do I make sense, yet I enjoyed this exercise, I must say! What do you say?


4 thoughts on “An Extempore – Why shouldn’t I?

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