Things I’ve learned…

Things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from nature, experiences, books, people, & pondering – 

  1. Go easy on ourselves… we need not compete with the best part within us now and then.
  2. Enjoy the path; reaching at the destination may lead to happiness; but not always…
  3. Money is a part of wealth, yes it definitely is; but Hope is an eternal treasure.
  4. Gratitude matters. Appreciating whatever we have, will draw more to us. (Various books)
  5. I like you, when my reflection in your eyes is more beautiful than the one I may find in a mirror.
  6. Write – scrap – write – struggle – keep writing – until the conscience no longer resists the ideas.
  7. Have Faith! If we expect something positive from life, let’s first believe in a power which is above all!
  8. “Life is really simple; but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius. Let’s not complicate.
  9. “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time” – Maya Angelou.
  10. Spend at least a few moments alone, each day. (This simple exercise gives us clarity whether our company is enjoyable or painful for others. Take a cue from there and improve.)

We constantly learn new things. It matters when someone gets to learn a trick or two from us to lead a blissful life!


5 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned…

  1. Gratitude to all that is for all that is. Gratitude is indeed a very important aspect of our lives. The more we are genuinely thankful for, the more of that we get. Thank you of reminding me that.


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