Glittery glittery flock!


Above image, for me, is an example of city life as applied to working middle class.
The empty side of road leading towards work is smiling at the eagerness with which the compacts on other side are rushing back to homes. The headlights glow brighter as if to express the Joy of being with family after a long tiring day.

The two sides of the road resemble enormous treadmills turning in reverse directions eternally, I feel. The office buildings on either side empathize with oceans while experiencing high tide – low tide cycle each day.

There is a promise of new hopes in the glittery city night that says, “Go, take good rest my dear, come back in the morning, for tomorrow you may find your purpose perhaps! Till then, good night & sweet dreams!”


8 thoughts on “Glittery glittery flock!

  1. I think it is very good that you take it positively specially if you really are living in the city where people are usually busy and as if in a rat race so as you go through life with a hopeful heart. Very good post 🙂

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