Give me some space – NEVER!

Day 6
The space to write

What are your writing habits?
– I am not a spontaneous writer. Generally I need a prompt and like to work against a deadline. Completion of a writing assignment gives me a sense of satisfaction. I tend to write more emotionally than rationally.
Another instance I write is when I read a good book on life principles. These awesome authors are equally great thinkers. Their thoughts are significant in our day to to day life.
I write as it flows from my heart and do hardly revise. If I try to edit, the post lives as a draft forever…

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
My smartphone (has almost everything that I need – a document & photo editor, a dictionary, an eBook reader, internet for a little Wiki & Google, a decent camera, media player for a break, and most importantly – the WP App.)

What do you need and want in a physical space?
Honestly, I don’t want a space (as in solitude). I prefer to have my family around while I write. The ideal setting is sitting by the breakfast table in kitchen, after having evening tea once I return from office.
My daughter completes her homework and I work on the assignment given for the day. A break due to so called writer’s block is filled by a chat with my wife, who is preparing dinner to nourish us & satisfy our taste buds. Both of them do their jobs so well that I get inspired also, to express with a little more responsibility. The ideas that dear wify contributes are wonderful. So, it’s an open secret now 🙂



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