@my first (& the only, as of now) ebook

You don’t want to be a rich businessman, a renowned artist, or whatsoever profession you choose to be into; what you really want is to be happy with what you do and to bring happiness in the lives of the people whom you love and who love you.

– The Garden of Orchids

Hi friends,
I wish to let you know that my eBook, The Garden of Orchids shall be available for free download from 17th September to 19th September, 2015 at Amazon sites worldwide.

You may even choose to read a sample chapter at Amazon, before risking the time & energy involved in getting the book downloaded.

I can’t find precise words to express how important your feedback / reviews are to me. Hence request you to share here, whatever your true feelings are about the book. That’s the only way I can better my future endeavors…

“A person can adopt to any circumstances if there is assurance of having someone alongside. Hence one should always value the person who accompanies through one’s life!”

– The Garden of Orchids.

Yours truly,
Yogesh D. D.


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