A blog that inspires to comment!

It was yet another instance, when I couldn’t resist the urge to express from the bottom of my heart. It wasn’t a new post at my blog. I was excited to have got an opportunity to comment on a nicely presented post on an important subject.

I am referring here to the latest post by Holistic Wayfarer (yeah, that’s how she describes herself).

She is a wonderful writer who not only is adept at blogging but also has an ability to respond in holistic way to almost each out of more than 100 comments, that her posts draw usually. (Pretty long sentence, she’ll comment, if she happens to read this. Few grammatical errors too, I’m afraid. Forgive me D 🙂 )

The beauty of the post contents is that she touches the subjects close to the hearts of almost any sensitive person across the world. Many times, fellow bloggers get into a group discussion among themselves while she watches from a distance. Then she comments from a different vantage point and the chain reaction continues.

She is also a good motivator. One can expect a feedback that encourages as well as helps to add value in future writing endeavors. A friend, indeed!

I would like to thank WP team to have introduced me to the fellow bloggers like HW, from whom I could learn a lot about the art, that’s called blogging!


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