Writing and not writing

When do I write?
I write with every passing moment.
I’m a part of the grand script basis which I act, and while I improvise, I do some amendment in the role play without even my knowledge.

I live a basic human existence. I love, I hate; I laugh, I cry; I fear, I dare; I’m furious, I’m compassionate. In a nutshell, I feel and then I write.

I don’t aspire to be a great writer. I just want people like me to know that majority of us may not be perfect; still there shall be some or the other virtue that’ll make someone to love our company. That each one of us is a masterpiece created by the God.


4 thoughts on “Writing and not writing

  1. I write all day long, too. I have these conversations in my head with my husband and then forget to share them because I have talked it all out! Thanks for liking my post, “To the Neighbor Building a Fence.”

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