Kids are smart, aren’t they?

…a short tale

Once upon a time, there was a proud father, who would always teach his 6 years old daughter about noble behavior and etiquettes.

One fine day, he dutifully took the usual route, involving a U turn to remain on the correct side of the road (though it meant half a mile extra drive).

He saw another car approaching from the wrong side. He signaled the other car to slow down (after all he wasn’t at fault, why should he bother to stop).

When the other person didn’t stop, he accelerated slightly and applied the brakes only when the two cars were almost about to bump.

That was the moment when his daughter shouted, “Papa, two silly goats!” The father, who was so furious with the other driver’s stubborn behavior, froze for next few moments; then pulled back his car calmly – to let the other car go first…



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