Sunday Vignettes

Year 1989: Each Saturday evening, I returned from school, eager to have lots of fun. No school, no classes for one day. Extra-curricular activity was an alien subject then.

So, Sunday mornings would start with watching cartoons, relishing on favorite breakfast, made by Mom especially for Sunday, and playing with friends; afternoons were about taking a power nap listening to classic songs on radio; purpose would be to get refreshed for going out in the evening to play again.

After playing there would be late evening chat sessions, involving horror or adventure stories, etc. In those days, teachers would not bother to give homework to complete over the weekend. Sunday would end with storytelling by Grandma, after a delicious dinner. I used to doze off before Grandma would’ve finished the story.

Year 2004: Each Saturday evening, I returned home, threw myself into couch, eager to relax my mind from workplace stress. I wouldn’t want to eat dinner too. As I had stayed away from hometown, Mom wouldn’t be around to insist that I have some food. I just wished my senses numbed for next 36 hours…

Sunday mornings would mostly be Sunday afternoons, when I would wake up. That too, when Mom would call to check that I hadn’t skipped Sunday lunch at least. I would watch some movie on laptop after lunch. Then I would sleep again. Evenings would involve shopping of some supplies for the coming week. It would be required to sleep early to make sure that I got up early for reaching to work in time on Monday.

Year 2007: Each Saturday evening, I returned from work exhausted, but with a smile, as I would have chalked out plans to enjoy Sunday, with my sweetheart wife. She would be tired too, from doing household chores over the week; but she would ascertain that I got refreshed, once I was home.

One Saturday, a beautiful vase adorned with fresh roses would welcome in the living room. Another Saturday, there would be aroma of nicely brewed coffee and a cake, waiting for me ever so lovingly. It was a time that was challenging from career aspect; but my dear wife made it one of the most coveted phases of my life as well.

Sunday mornings would be full of tasty brunches, outings, get together with friends and families, occasional movie at multiplex, and shopping at malls. Sunday would end with a promise of bright Monday mornings and readiness to take on new challenges.

Year 2009: Each Saturday evening, I return to the nest, where lives a complete family since. A six months old wonder would recognize the exact time when Papa would be back home without even a slightest clue about what a clock is. I would always find her by the door when I returned.

I couldn’t make out though, if it is my baby or her affectionate mother who look forward to my return each evening, more passionately. I don’t want to. I know that they love me and I love them. Maybe less, maybe more…

Now, Sundays are once again about cartoons, playing games, cheerful chaos, music, gardens, fairy tales, and funfairs…


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