When she’s not feeling well

I couldn’t post anything for past 3 – 4 days against Writing 101 assignments. I don’t feel as bad though; as I could read some very nice renderings by fellow bloggers.

While so, I was busy doing a role play. If someone were to judge my performance, I would’ve scored 3 on the scale of 10. Maybe 2, but it takes lot of courage to accept that…

So, it was about being the homemaker that my dear wife acts as usually. Not that, I don’t help her in the chores in general, I do, but it’s a support. Getting into the driver seat isn’t easy. I did cook a bit, gave drop n pick up to my daughter for school, and for various classes, managed some shopping of home supplies, etc.

Mrs. Dandgavhal has fallen sick for so long after quite some time. We had to consult the physician twice before confirming proper diagnosis and the further line of treatment. Now, she is recovering. Even though the pain that she has gone through has been severe, she did not become irritated like I do, when I’m ill.

I was also astonished by the understanding shown by our daughter during this time. At her tender age of 6 years, she didn’t complain about delays and quality of food. Rather she gave compliments for the quirky dishes that I served. She prepared for her ongoing school tests with much more dedication. She also encourages her mom to think that she is going to recover very soon.

Kudos to these two lovely girls in my life! Even the toughest of challenges appear to be easiest of all…



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