What illness teaches us!

Recently, when almost everyone at my home wasn’t well, I encountered with a truth…

We visited our family physician several times. We also had to visit pathology labs for a few tests.
When we used to await our turn at each place, I would observe. Patients sitting in the waiting area belonged to all sections of society.

There, no one cared about economic statures, education levels, social or political inclinations. Every one was simply a Patient. Just another human whose conditions suggested about physical unease.

It was also striking to notice how some patients were very hopeful about recovery, regardless of the severity of the disease or the affordability of the treatment. While patients like us, even with trivial ailments, carried dreaded expressions with long faces.

When the pain woke me up in the middle of the night, I would think, “Death might be the ultimate equalizer; but it doesn’t give second chance to mend the faults. On the other hand, illness reminds us about the inevitability of the death. The aching limbs let us know how ungrateful we are to our own bodies; how can we be grateful to others?”

In the gloomy days of sickness, one tends to introspect. I think it’s good in a way…

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


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