Shade in October

These are the days when there is scorching heat during the daytime. The weather is almost like summer. In addition, if it’s going to rain, the humidity levels are very high.

In such conditions, imagine that you have some work in the afternoon. You are halfway through. You can’t stand the heat any more. Your mouth is parched like it’s been years that you haven’t drunk water.

Suppose at that very instance, you find a shade that is unoccupied. You also find there is provision of cold drinking water to satiate your thirst. You silently thank the unknown entity, who made those arrangements even without  a slightest desire to get credit for same.

You wonder, can I be of such service to people unknown to me? Will it give me satisfaction? I guess, the answer is yes. We may do anything to earn a living; but we all are capable to build a shade for at least few persons. Let’s be an Oasis in someone’s desert!

I intended to convey a direct and simple message here; at the same time I leave it to the reader if he or she chooses to consider the text as a metaphor. Entirely depends on how you like it. Thanks!


Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


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