Can I inspire?

Just when you need an inspiration, do you get it? Can I help? Of course, with your prior permission…

Real question is, am I leading my life in a way that’s exciting enough. I guess, I am. Because life keeps me always on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. In the hindsight, it’s been a fun whether I’ve enjoyed or suffered in the past. Honestly!

Each time the water rises to the level that I am almost at my last gasp, It’s really amazing how circumstances change drastically, and I am able to swim out of the difficulty, as though it never existed.

I came across many wonderful people in life including those in the blogging world. Many of you have displayed tremendous optimism towards life. You rekindle hope in it’s essence. I look up to you and wish if I can inspire ever, as you do. To live and to live before I leave!

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


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