Early this week, I met with a lovely couple in the flight to my home city.

I guess, they were traveling to meet their son. Uncle sat in the middle seat and aunty by the window. While plane was moving towards runway, Uncle offered me some sweet. I was a little hesitant initially; but he insisted. I thanked him for the gesture. So sweet of him!

As the flight took off, I prayed for our safe journey. I was amused at the thought that it had started with a sweet note. Entire day had passed in a hustle, and I wasn’t prepared for any more stressful situations. So, I closed my eyes and got lost in a slumber in a short while.

When I woke up, I saw uncle-aunty struggling to take selfies with their smartphone (of course, it was in flight mode). They could manage to click a few but they didn’t seem to be happy with the photos. I was observing their enthusiasm with amazement; both of them were at least 60+. I offered to help them by taking few snaps. They were happily excited about the idea, like children getting chocolates are.

Aunty brought out a comb from her purse in a flash and brushed her hair. Uncle wore the most friendly smile I’ve ever seen. They posed for at least 4-5 snaps. They requested me to try clicking with and without flash. I wanted to tell them that they were a wonderful couple either way. Made for each other sorts…

What else do we want from life? A company that stays with us forever. A company that makes us feel happy, feel that we are worthy, and beautiful, no matter what age, color, complexion, …so on and so forth.
I wish for everyone of us that we stay together with friends and family always. In peaks and valleys that life offers to us!

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


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