Been there, seen that…

We often tend to preach what’s right and condemn what’s wrong, as per our thinking and get upset if the other person doesn’t get convinced. Sounds familiar? If we try a new way to do so and still find it ineffective, that’s only because our underlying beliefs (or prejudices!) remain firm.

Take an example of a get together with friends & family. We all may have affinity for different ideologies. We discuss (sometimes even debate) upon various social and political issues; not because we want to prove our point of view as correct. Rather we argue to achieve a consensus while valuing each other’s opinions. Doesn’t really matter who wins.

We must talk to each other – a caveat – intention should be to express, not to impress!

Let’s try to develop our small world the way we like, within a vast world around, while we allow to exist rest of the world as others choose it to be. That saves us a lot of time & energy. Also it’s easier to change ourselves; we know very well how much control do we have on others, don’t we?

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


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