What children can teach us?

Children can teach us that what we don’t find in most of the books.

My sweet, 7-year-old daughter, Mrunal is enjoying her summer holidays right now. This incident happened on last Saturday. Mrunal was playing with her dolls and toys in the drawing-room. She heard the sound of food processor and came running in the kitchen. I was having some chat with my wife while she kneaded the dough for making chapatis (Indian bread).

Mrunal stayed there until my wife finished rolling first chapati. She knew that now her Mom would put the chapati for cooking on a frying pan. As soon as the chapati started swelling, my little angel jumped up and down excitedly and insisted her mom to let the chapati swell as much as possible. Her giggles filled up the kitchen more and more as the chapati ballooned. Then my wife poked the chapati and steam flowed out with a hissing sound. This was the zenith of the ‘fun show’. The uninvited guest in the kitchen left merrily and resumed playing with her toys.

My wife and I were amused at Mrunal’s happiness at such a trivial thing; but this made us discuss how we allow many fun moments to go unnoticed in search of bigger elusive happiness. Also, we noted that she was detached as soon as the fun part was over. She did not hold onto it. This was another good lesson, I guess…

We could go on analyzing but then we too didn’t want to miss the fun in the lighter moments!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss


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