Sweaty Summer, Sweet Lemonade!


You know how it feels when you drink a glass of cool lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. The heat doesn’t go anywhere, you feel sweaty outside; but at the same time, you feel so satisfied & relaxed inside.

Some people in our lives are like the lemonade. The worries & tensions are still around, the problems have still to be resolved by us only. While so, the presence of the lemonades makes every new day a lot more refreshing.

Why? You see, the taste we are talking about is a fantastic mix of sweet & sour. A little tangy too, if you like. Moreover, you never have a chance to repeat the taste of one serving with the another. All I want to say is that the fun lies in the inconsistency, or the variety – if you like the word better. The drink is so refreshing always!

Likewise, you feel reinvigorated when you’re in the company of the ‘lemonade people’ of your lives. I take this opportunity to thank all the lemonades in my life! my WP friends are also in this list.



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