Future – unknown territory

Peaks Are Moments When You Appreciate What You Have. Valleys Are Moments When You Long For What Is Missing.

– Dr. Spencer Johnson.

At this very moment, I am experiencing Joy of having added value to my writing skills and having found a few wonderful friends. At the same time, I am little sad that the writing 101 assignments are over.

The feeling is similar to that of a kid who has to join a new school as his parents are shifting to a new city. He will be going away from best friends. The friends who understand him; who know whether he is happy or sad even if he doesn’t utter a word.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the kid stands a chance to win new friends at new school. He may learn new art forms, games, and stories from them. He has to only believe that the Sun rises brighter at the new horizon.

The kid has got hundred reasons to grieve about. But it’s equally true that he has hundred reasons to smile, too.

The writing 101 course this year has been thoroughly enriching and very encouraging one! Thanks to WP team and fellow bloggers again.
Wish you all  the best of luck for the future endeavors.

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.
– Leo Buscaglia.

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


A blog that inspires to comment!

It was yet another instance, when I couldn’t resist the urge to express from the bottom of my heart. It wasn’t a new post at my blog. I was excited to have got an opportunity to comment on a nicely presented post on an important subject.

I am referring here to the latest post by Holistic Wayfarer (yeah, that’s how she describes herself).

She is a wonderful writer who not only is adept at blogging but also has an ability to respond in holistic way to almost each out of more than 100 comments, that her posts draw usually. (Pretty long sentence, she’ll comment, if she happens to read this. Few grammatical errors too, I’m afraid. Forgive me D 🙂 )

The beauty of the post contents is that she touches the subjects close to the hearts of almost any sensitive person across the world. Many times, fellow bloggers get into a group discussion among themselves while she watches from a distance. Then she comments from a different vantage point and the chain reaction continues.

She is also a good motivator. One can expect a feedback that encourages as well as helps to add value in future writing endeavors. A friend, indeed!

I would like to thank WP team to have introduced me to the fellow bloggers like HW, from whom I could learn a lot about the art, that’s called blogging!


I would sit by the window studying extra hours for my seventh grade exams; occasionally, I would peep out of the window. I remember the picture as if everything is happening at this very moment –

“Few of my friends are playing hide and seek. Few others are having joy with skipping ropes. A friend has bought a new bicycle & showing it off; slightly older ones are sharing special riding tips with him. There is utter chaos – but I feel, those are birds, chirping merrily! I think, once my exams are over, I will also join them and have lots of fun.”

The house was one among such 14 apartments in the neighborhood. I stayed there with mom, dad & two elder brothers. Amenities, like balcony with a scenic view, swimming pool, and serene environment, etc. weren’t on priority list at all.

But yes, vicinity to local market and schools, lot of friends to play with, an omnipresent middle class culture (teaching to do hard-work before expecting any trace of success), opportunity to live happily with people of different religions, were few of the benefits that our house provided.

(The unity got tested a few times as far as I can remember. It ranged from trivial quarrels over water during tough drought spells to a curfew that lasted for more than a week due to one of the worst communal riots our locality had ever seen.)

What I really appreciate is that the house always taught us to honor others’ traditions. Tenants of diverse backgrounds stayed there before & after us, while it always protected the occupants from heat, rains, wind or cold – unbiased!

I miss those starry nights under clear summer sky when all friends used to sleep on the terrace sharing ghost stories or interesting childhood adventure tales. We would be in peculiar emotional state of fear, thrill and curiosity…

I wonder sometimes if our house felt warm when we chuckled while having a family dinner. Or if it tried to appease the tensions that our parents went through in challenging times…

As time passed by, we relocated to another place; I had to change the school too, post seventh grade. Some old friends are still in touch. We share the fond memories, when we meet.

You see, we take away the photo-frames, but the hooks stay screwed in the heart of the walls.

Wish I could share some funny memories too; maybe, in next post…

An Extempore – Why shouldn’t I?

I want to share what I feel. Not because I know a lot. Not because I never made mistakes. But because I learned something from not knowing, from doing mistakes.
I want that others should not fall prey to those traps. Experience is a great teacher. Maybe I shouldn’t restrict you from getting the  lessons that life has to offer.
Maybe, I can serve as a contrast to help you know how to live or probably how not to live.
I read a few good books that gave me some thoughts to ponder on. While I interpret those insights, why not share those with you; maybe together we dive into the depths in a better way. A group study, if you will!
The thoughts are presented here as they came up to my mind, or emerged from ripples in my heart. I don’t really know if those are coherent or do I make sense, yet I enjoyed this exercise, I must say! What do you say?