Kids are smart, aren’t they?

…a short tale

Once upon a time, there was a proud father, who would always teach his 6 years old daughter about noble behavior and etiquettes.

One fine day, he dutifully took the usual route, involving a U turn to remain on the correct side of the road (though it meant half a mile extra drive).

He saw another car approaching from the wrong side. He signaled the other car to slow down (after all he wasn’t at fault, why should he bother to stop).

When the other person didn’t stop, he accelerated slightly and applied the brakes only when the two cars were almost about to bump.

That was the moment when his daughter shouted, “Papa, two silly goats!” The father, who was so furious with the other driver’s stubborn behavior, froze for next few moments; then pulled back his car calmly – to let the other car go first…



@my first (& the only, as of now) ebook

You don’t want to be a rich businessman, a renowned artist, or whatsoever profession you choose to be into; what you really want is to be happy with what you do and to bring happiness in the lives of the people whom you love and who love you.

– The Garden of Orchids

Hi friends,
I wish to let you know that my eBook, The Garden of Orchids shall be available for free download from 17th September to 19th September, 2015 at Amazon sites worldwide.

You may even choose to read a sample chapter at Amazon, before risking the time & energy involved in getting the book downloaded.

I can’t find precise words to express how important your feedback / reviews are to me. Hence request you to share here, whatever your true feelings are about the book. That’s the only way I can better my future endeavors…

“A person can adopt to any circumstances if there is assurance of having someone alongside. Hence one should always value the person who accompanies through one’s life!”

– The Garden of Orchids.

Yours truly,
Yogesh D. D.

Honey, why do you love me so much?


It was 10th April again! It’d been 8 years for the happy married life of Ameya and Megha.

Ameya – a highly ambitious, successful senior executive in an MNC, fetching 7 digits take home.

Megha – an accomplished artiste with widely acclaimed works of art and honored with many accolades.

The last night was a usual one. Both of them discussed about how the day unfolded, prayed to the Almighty, and tried to sleep.

Megha, totally exhausted, having been busy with her 80th painting exhibition throughout the day, crept into deep sleep in a while.

Ameya was feeling little uneasy, hence he put on his earphones and played the portable media player. It was Ronan Keating singing, ‘If tomorrow never comes’…..

Ameya looked at Megha’s face in the moonlight. Even after such a busy day, she was looking pretty without any hint of fatigue. A childlike innocence was making her look too beautiful to be able to think of anything else! Ameya watched her for few more moments listening to Ronan, decided something for the anniversary celebrations on next day and slept.

10th April 3:30 pm:

Megha – (just back home from an NGO related event) Hey, Amu dear, you at home this time? No meetings with anyone from your endless list of clients?

Ameya – Not really, Megha Darling! Was feeling little uneasy, hence took a half day leave.

Megha – OMG Amu! How many times do I need to tell you to take a break from your highly demanding routine? Tell me what’s the exact matter?

Ameya – nothing serious Dear! Just a faint chest pain, must be due to acidity. Kindly call up Dr. Pradhan, will you?

Megha – (before even Ameya completes his sentence) Ya, Hello, Good evening Dr. Pradhan…… I’m fine, thank you. Sorry for short notice, but can you please visit here, Ameya complains having chest pain…… OK, thank you.

Megha – Amu, Dr. shall be visiting soon. Do you need something to eat, dear?

Ameya – hmm, just seat by my side. (Holding her hand) Megha…..

Doorbell rings.

Megha – Excuse me, Amu.

Megha opens the door to face a delivery boy with a perfect ‘pro’ smile!

Del. boy – (handing over the cake ordered by Ameya) Wish you a very Happy Wedding Anniversary, Ma’am! Here – you have a cute little Rose as a return gift for Sir, too!

Megha – Oh, thanks a lot and wish you a good day.

Megha – Amu dear, you remembered this special day. I’m so happy. But how are you feeling after taking the antacid tab?

Ameya – the pain has subsided a little… I prefer to take a nap, if you don’t mind.

Megha – please take rest. I will sit here only, by study table, if you need anything.

Ameya – Don’t worry, I’m fine. Let me rest for a while and we shall be cutting the cake soon.

Megha – Hey, that reminds me of something. Here you go! Your favorite Rose!

Ameya – Thanks a lot! And Good night (both chuckle).

Ameya sleeps and Megha scribbles something on the writing pad sitting by the study table. She is continuously glancing over to Ameya.

Doorbell rings…. rings multiple times.

Ameya – (rubbing his eyes) Megha, can you please…… (Finds Megha caught in a nap) please wait, coming.

Dr. Pradhan – Hey, Strong man, what happened? Megha called me up.

Ameya – Please come in. (escorts Dr in the living) nothing Dr. you know how much she panics even if I have a little cold.

Dr. – fine. Let us examine….. OK, for now, you need little rest. I am prescribing an additional tab to current course. Did you tell Megha about your hypertension? As told by you, I still did not let her know. But she must know to be able to handle emergency and after all she has the right to know everything about your health.

Ameya – Doc, I also plan to tell her; but not today. Anyways, could you also advise her to look after herself well? I find her getting pale by each day.

Dr. – you and your wife! By the way, where is she?

Ameya – (going near study), Hey Megha, Dr is here. I’m fine and it is certified now. Wake up. Let’s thank and see him off. I want only you and me today, when we cut the cake. From now, this day won’t be a social or business affair, but only us.

Wake up, Megha…. Oh, can’t you hear me? Megha….. Doctor, can you please come here? I don’t understand why she is not waking up.

Dr – (Examines… ponders….. Checks her nerves) I’m sorry Ameya; seems to be a severe attack. But neither of you ever mentioned about any ongoing complaint about her health?

Ameya finds a paper on the table with a big Smiley on top fold.

The Letter 

“My Dear Amu, first of all, let me say it again – I love you! And even though you are not good at expressing your feelings, I know how much you love me.

I don’t know why I am scribbling this letter today. But felt like confessing to you about my only kept secret from you – and it is this hypertension thing.

I was afraid that it would be a deception, if I never woke up tomorrow (for some reason I don’t know).

Since last few months, I am suffering with hypertension. Though you were always by my side, I think, the busy lifestyle somehow yielded few health issues.

As yours is a tougher routine, I used to check with Dr. Pradhan about your health also. But I never told anything about my health to him. He mentioned that you are a strong man. I know that you are! But, still, I feel worried for you, Amu. Honey, why can’t you take a break and just rest for a week or so…?

By the way, thanks for the cake. You already thanked for the rose. Let me be honest, I bought a diamond ring for you and hid it under your pillow. I noticed the way your eyes sparkled at the sight of the humble but cute rose (arranged by the cake shop, actually).

I rediscovered my Amu lost few years back in the career oriented world. I do not know the reason, I found same affection and desperate feeling in your pale eyes today as it was 8 years back.

And my final question to you, Honey, why do you love me so much?

I love you!”

Ameya was sitting in the chair adjacent to Megha while reading the letter. He folded the letter & gently put it on the table.

Dr was observing Ameya’s facial expressions…..he put a consoling hand on Ameya’s shoulder after a while….. But he was shocked. He whispered Ameya’s name… response. No nerves? How? Although it was likely as per medical science, Dr could not believe it.

Being a composed person, Dr was able to think calmly even in those circumstances. He called up few friends & family.

Dr. finished his last call and suddenly music system came alive by a timer based trigger.

It was Ronan singing again, as thoughtfully planned by Ameya for the evening – ‘When you say nothing at all’…….

My first eBook!

The Garden of Orchids

Friends, I am pleased to share my joy with you about publishing my first eBook. It’s been a wonderful experience! I could learn a lot from your interesting blogs, the writing assignments of WP, and your feedback about my initial writing efforts. This is the time to say thanks to all for your continued support and interest. It has been a great source of inspiration for me. A link to the details page of my book is as follows: The Garden of Orchids Your valuable reviews on different features of my book shall be a bonus for me! Let’s do it together!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill